BAHA Post-Op Instructions


Post-op care is very important. The surgical site should be kept clean to ensure proper healing and to reduce the possibility of infection. The following instructions will help you care for the wound.

The bandage placed over the surgical site can be removed the day after surgery. Under the bandage is a dressing that was applied during surgery. The dressing should be worn until your post-op appointment with Dr. Wanamaker. It will be removed and changed at the post-op appointment. On the day of your post-op visit, you may wet the area with a wash cloth so that it is easier to remove.

After the second dressing is removed at the second post-op visit, the metal abutment will be exposed. There will be a white plastic healing cap on the abutment. Keep the healing cap on and snap it back on if it falls off. You may get the area wet. It is recommended that you use alcohol-free baby wipes daily to keep the area clean. The soft-bristled brush you receive should be used to GENTLY sweep away skin around the abutment. Do not scrub the area with the brush and do not use any other brush. Brush the area at the base of the abutment where it meets the skin, and also brush inside the abutment.

Disclaimer: These Post-Operative Instructions are for patients of record at our practice only. If you are not a patient of Ear Consultants of CNY, please contact your own surgeon for specific instructions.